When The Unexpected Strikes

I got to the subway station today, excited to release my New York gallery. With photos I’ve grown attached to & moments I’ll never forget. But sometimes life has a funny way of working.

I go to switch my camera on but it stays off. An hour later I’m trying again but it's the same result.  A while ago I made a promise to God & recently, I’ve been breaking it time after time.

Three hours later, I receive a message I couldn't believe I was reading:

"Hey Jeffrey! I'm Elder Christensen and I am from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I saw a few of the pictures from your profile and your photography is amazing! The reason I messaged is because recently we have been reaching out in the community to offer service of any kind! Is there any service that you need? :)"

I know God is showing his self to me in any way possible. Just like I prayed for him to do. 

We all have a reason to doubt but we also having nothing to lose by asking to see. Maybe it won't be the first time you ask, but it will always be the best time that he'll reveal his self to you. 

Thank you guys for sticking with me. I hope that you find your peace & that you keep your faith. Cause he kept his faith in you.

The New York gallery is now live.