Signs From The Unseen

Another day & I'm sitting here typing this, reflecting. Reflecting on how one small move can completely change your life.

A couple days ago I was skating down this I'm approaching the intersection & I see a car approaching..but it's not stopping. There's a stop sign but the car keeps rolling. Rolling right through the stop sign & slamming me right in my chest; flying me a couple feet in the air.

I sat there for a few seconds confused on what the hell just happened.

"Did I really just get hit by a CAR?"

"I'm so sorry..I'm so sorry!! I didn't see you!!!" This idiot lady said.

This is a hill that my cousin has skated for over ten years...with no issues. Coincidence that I get hit on my third month of being here (my lucky number 3) & a week before I head to my next destination on this journey?

That was two days ago. Now I'm sitting here thinking what's next.

I was supposed to head to my next destination on October 1st. Well, that's not happening. What is happening is I'm going through with this case. Which will take at least three months to finish.

So is this a sign from God showing me it's not time to leave yet? Or is it a sign that I shouldn't be skateboarding anymore?

I'm staying here & finding that out.

God sends us signs all the time & if we don't pay attention them, how will we ever know which direction to take?