Just Smile

I fell asleep on the train, heading to a Adidas Art show. In return I was super late & realized I was in the Bronx. So instead of being pissed I figured I’d explore the neighborhood. Kids playing soccer as families watch on the sidelines. Bikes rolling. A cool lil evening in the Bronx. The day was made when I got on the subway train heading home though. I’m on the train & this short old man sits directly across from me with this interesting hat & pale old skin. Doesn’t bother to look up, just looks down the majority of the time. Then I saw it.  “Just Smile”. Here’s this old man who has this hat & head tilted down..barely seeing his eyes..but I saw the pain. Taking in the scene for a few more seconds, I captured it. “Just Smile”. If we all did just that then the world could be a much better place.