Are You An Infinite Being?

What are you? Who are you without the label you’ve lived by for so long? A football player, photographer, model...who are you? Are you just this human with a name that does “something”? Or are you a spirit expressing it’s infinite desires into physical form?

I believe we all have a path we need to explore to find our inner desires and true calling. You’re more than just a “photographer”. You’re a “channel in which the universe chooses to express itself.” Words can’t describe what you are cause you are an infinite being. I believe our purpose is to let our spirit, guide us into tapping into our infinite potential, by tapping into what touches our soul.

With being an infinite being, comes infinite ideas and opportunity. Yet, there comes a time where we need to recognize which idea we need to focus on right now and bring it to life. That’s where I’m at mentally and why I’ve chosen to accept no distractions. I’ve been lost and overwhelmed for years now and didn’t know which direction to go. When really, I knew where to go all along. In the direction thats been calling me all this time.

I read this quote the other day that hurt and inspired me at the same time. It said “Someone once told me the definition of hell. The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” I wanna meet my potential self one day and be proud to see that I’m nearly identical to him. To see that I didn't put myself in a box - sticking to one thing - but reached for all things that I truly desire. That’s what I’m living for and what I’m striving for. God gave us all a purpose and I’m living to fulfill mine.