For the past four nights I've been without a host, sleeping at Central Park & other areas. But I didn't stress cause I knew God had something planned for me. 

About three months ago in Charlotte I found a Street Soccer League playing off of Central Ave, right across from where I lived. I spoke to the guy who was in charge of the community. His name was Pete. I told him I'd be around again to snap some photos while they played. Since then I have not seen Pete.

But Pete's presence came & found me in Times Square. July 9th, 2016.

Its 4a.m. & I'm up exploring in Times Square. I see this guy setting up the same set up of Street Soccer I saw once before. "You guys gonna need a photographer, man?". He told me they already had one. "Well if you need a backup let me know, here's my card." He calls me the next morning while I'm asleep in front of a store. Tired as hell, I miss the call but replied back to his text. He booked me for 3 hours that day. I get there early & one of the first thing he asks, "Are you from North Carolina, man?". I told him that I was from Charlotte. "Yeah I figured when I saw the area code..we had our first set up there. One of my buddies run it." I asked him what his buddy's name was. His name was Pete.

I have no idea what Jesus has planned for me but I know I'm on the right path. He shows his self to me everyday, hence why I never stress & always go with the flow, trusting in him. Whenever you feel uncertain about things just ask him to guide you, put you in situations that will lead you to where you wanna be. Be genuine & speak to him like you speak to your friend. Cause he is your friend.

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