Trust The Process

Over a year ago now, I couch-surfed the U.S. for nearly 6 months. In those months of couch-surfing, something unexpected happened & I didn't know what to do. I felt stuck & confused...

My camera broke.

The whole mission of my couch-surfing trip was to take photos around the globe & find myself throughout the process. After getting hit by a car, sleeping in the streets & then my camera breaking, I felt that God was orchestrating the universe to send me a message.

A few days after my camera broke, it began to act bipolar & work with a mind of its own. At one of its bipolar moments, I saw that screen light turn on & I decided to hit the streets.

That's when I saw it.

The most beautiful set of trash I've ever seen in my life. The eyes looking up at me, the lifestyle condom box in the corner...all the trash perfectly arranged as if it was meant to be. It was beautiful. But something was missing.

At least that's what I was told.

I took a few photos & kept it moving. Soon after, my camera stopped working again & this time I wasn't stressin' it. There's no way you can see something that beautiful -  trash at that, & not believe something great is on the way.

Months later, something told me to come back home & be with my family. So I did. Regardless of if it made full sense or not at that moment, intuition called me. 

Two weeks after coming home, everything began to make sense. All in one single night. I was in a creative zone jotting down ideas & revisiting old ones, then one stuck out to me. 

"Stop Littering Today."

Turns out all along the guy in the cafe was right. Something was missing in the photo. It was missing a "Stop Littering Today." sticker. 

Today I present you: Stop Littering Today. 

With so many people unaware of the harmful effects of littering, who is to blame?
Rather than blaming, let’s spread awareness of the littering issue & how we can prevent it. Stop Littering Today.('s) mission is to spread awareness in a way that inspires you not to litter & to pass on the message.

Spread the word with a free sticker:

A cleaner world starts with you.