A Trip To Hell

After all these years I finally got my evident proof that God is real. I bumped into my boy Givy, last night & he asked if I wanted to trip...I figured why not, I've been in a clear head space..it's Saturday AYEE let's get trippy.

So we tripped balls for hours roaming the streets of Uptown. But while roaming we started seeing hidden messages everywhere through the city. Clear messages of satanic symbolism. Never in my life have I felt the presence of something so evil like I did last night. I've had my fair share of hallucinogenic experiences but never felt that evil presence like I did last night.

Things went on on a whole ‘nother level when we headed home. We could’ve took the bus but walked just to take everything in. So we’re walking then randomly decided to take the backroads instead. Thats when it all got real. We suddenly saw 3 shadows directly in front of us. Three shadows but only 2 of us on this road..The vibe we got, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. We ran & prayed all at once but so quickly. So instead of going home we decided to hit the park & connect back with mother nature; get some peace flowing through us. 2:34 a.m. thats when my mom called…just to make sure I was okay? Right there I knew that was God looking out.

My confirmation seconds after hanging up…Givy's mom calls him as well…JUST TO MAKE SURE HE WAS OKAY. Right then & there i collapsed in tears of joy. I’ve never felt such an overwhelming feeling of peace & joy like i did that moment. I’m sharing my story cause i’ve been living in the dark for years praying for Jesus to reveal himself. After 23 years he did it in the wildest way & I love him so much for that. If you ever have doubts with Jesus just pray everyday for his revelation upon you & he’ll deliver. & when he does you’ll realize that he’s been right there behind you all this time. I love you Jesus.