No Coincidence

A few days ago I was hostess for the night. So once again I found myself in times square. Why? Cause there’s so many people there, you just might bump into someone who can host you. & that’s exactly what happened.

I was standing there & thinking, when this kid comes up & asks “hey, can you film me while I skateboard & I’ll do the same for you?”. Say what? & he repeated himself. I looked at him real quick & asked if he could really skate. You’ll see why after watching the video. He drops his bag & camera right next to me then skates off. Showing me that he’s bout that life. So I’m like alright lets do it. 

We get done skating & he asks “so where you staying tonight?”. I told him how I had no host for the night. He goes “Well that’s great. My host just got engaged so she’s gone for the weekend. You can stay with us.” 


We woke up later that morningto go explore before he headed back to his country. Germany. See, he’s a couch surfer too & has been couch surfing for the past twelve months. We might not have the exact same goals but we’re on similar paths. His last night was spent here in New York City. Coincidence that we bumped heads? Not at all. Just reassurance that I’m on the right path.