New York City

Its been 5 days here in New York City. Months ago I visualized all this I'm here & its unfolding in ways I never expected. I've had great conversation with people that at first glance you'd assume would be anti-social & spazz out..but when they speak they're soft spoken & genuine. So I've been learning to ask & not to assume. Another thing I've learned is that life is what you make it . We all have different paths in life with our own struggles but it all comes down to how we see things. We can look at something as a sacrifice or as an investment. Maybe we can't quit our jobs but we can lower costs & live in new ways to get to where we wanna be. The choice is yours.

Update: I'm in Starbucks using this guys laptop since mine just died, finishing up this post. More updates on the way. Talk to you soon.

Ivory Colors