Unknown Destinations

Another unknown route leading to a unknown destination. I went exploring in Crown Heights, Brooklyn yesterday & it was amazing. I felt like I was in a movie but the script was unknown & I went with the flow. This flow led me to the hood part of Brooklyn. Its getting late but I don't leave yet. I see this Jamaican guy smoking a fat doobie & I kindly asked if I could take a picture of him. "Yeaa mon, whatcha want me to do?". I took a couple pics of him & was on my way..to I don't even know where. I had no host for the night so I asked a guy where the nearest subway station was & he directed me. I'm on my way there & thats when I heard it.

The music blaring, kids riding their bikes & the grown folk chillin' back & choppin' it up. It was a live cookout. I was hungry as hell but had to save money for some $1 pizza slices later that night. I asked the host how much he would charge me for a plate. "Man take whatchu want bro. Get a beer, a burger, hotdog. Get whatchu want". I'm like "man you forreal?". So I go about my business. Getting filled up for the night & on my way out, I gave the guy my card & said  "hit me up whenever you need some photos done..I gotchu for free bro. I appreciate you.". Then I left.

Its almost 12a.m. & I'm thinking about what move I'll be making for the night since I had no host. So I got off the next subway stop. Which just so happened to be a 24-7 Dunkin Donuts. I'm editing, working on stuff & this kid named Riz On asked me if I wanted some coffee. "Sure man, thank you." So that was already cool enough for me. But nah, God had other things planned for me. The kid comes back & asks me what kind of sandwich I want. Like what? Man I'll take any kind of sandwich. THANK YOU. So he brings me a bag...with a hot croissant bacon egg & cheese sandwich & three different danishes.

God had a path for me that day & unknowingly, I followed it. Listen to your gut & keep God first. Magical things will happen.