Two Photographers,       One Mission

There comes a great responsibility with wedding photography. A responsibility to capture beautiful, once in a life time moments that pass in a flash, yet the memory/feeling can still last a lifetime.

When Amr & Jeff decided to partner & capture wedding photography, they had one mission in mind: Capture stories as they unfold. They were unenthused by the traditional wedding photos with the classic poses & staged scenes. They see the beauty in the simple, yet touching moments at weddings. The natural tears that flow from your family members as you walk down the isle. The huge smile on your best friend's face as you kiss your lover. That crazy, corny dance your uncle does at every wedding reception. We want you to relive these moments every time you view your images. Taking you back to that special day when nothing else mattered except for you & your lover.

Amr & Jeff are based in Charlotte/New York & would love to connect. No words needed, just a camera in hand & a mission in mind. 


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